JavaScript Projects DOM Interactive Dynamic web pages

Make your webpages come to life with JavaScript and DOM interaction Loaded with Useful Projects in JavaScript

Explore how you can create amazing Mini Projects to learn JavaScript - Grow your portfolio - Expand your skills!

Do you want to add interaction or dynamic content to your web pages, this is the course for you!

JavaScript can bring your web pages to life - interact with the DOM. Select page elements, make changes and update them as needed. Power up your web pages!!!

Create amazing content on your pages, driven dynamically with JavaScript. Projects within this course are designed to help you learn more about JavaScript and interacting with the DOM. Learn by example, course is loaded with fun projects to help you learn and demonstrate what can be done with JavaScript

Source Code is included so that you can try the code, and build your own version of the web applications.

Please note that HTML and CSS are prerequisite to the course, as well fundamental JavaScript is required as we are covering JavaScript within web pages.

JavaScript Projects within the DOM - Document Object Model

Explore how to create Interactive Dynamic web pages

Introduction to the DOM and how JavaScript can create page interactions - Explore how to write JavaScript code, select page elements and more. Loaded with useful projects to help you learn more about creating interactive and dynamic web content with JavaScript.

Course covers everything you need to know in a step by step format so that you can start coding JavaScript and creating amazing things with code.

Web Developer Setup use of Editor for JavaScript Code

JavaScript Projects DOM Interactive Dynamic web pages Introduction web development Course Resource Guide.

  • Getting started with JavaScript DOM coding and development
  • Web Developer Setup use of Editor for JavaScript Code
  • JavaScript Resources to explore more about JavaScript
  • JavaScript DOM Object Selecting Page elements and more
  • JavaScript querySelectorAll Get Page Elements Select ALL
  • Page Events Element Event Listener access page content with JavaScript
  • JavaScript and Page Input Values from Page Elements
  • How to use JavaScript Request Animation Frame

JavaScript Starter Projects DOM Simple Projects to Start Coding

  • How to make Interactive DOM list saving to localstorage
  • JavaScript Component Create a Star Rating Project
  • JavaScript Game within the DOM Coin Toss Game Project
  • JavaScript Typing Challenge Game with JavaScript DOM
  • JavaScript DOM fun with Page Elements Moving Storing Keypress
  • JavaScript Combo Guessing Game Exercise
  • JavaScript Shape Clicker Game Click the shape quickly to win
  • JavaScript Number Guessing Game with Game Logic

JavaScript DOM Interactive Components and Useful Projects

  • Pure JavaScript Accordion hide and show page elements
  • JavaScript Drag and Drop Simple Boxes Component
  • Dynamic Drag and Drop
  • JavaScript Email Extractor Mini Project
  • Create a Quiz with Javascript JSON quiz tracker
  • JavaScript Image Preview File Reader Example
  • JavaScript Interactive Dice Game with Page elements
  • JavaScript Dice Game Challenge Lesson

JavaScript DOM Fun Projects Interactive DOM Elements

  • JavaScript Tip Calculator Project
  • Tip Calculator Project Part 1
  • Tip Calculator Project Part 2
  • Pure JavaScript Calculator DOM page elements Project
  • JavaScript Calculator Part 1
  • JavaScript Calculator Part 2
  • JavaScript Calculator Part 3
  • JavaScript Bubble Popping DOM Game Coding project
  • How to move a Page Element With JavaScript DOM Mover Example
  • Collision Detection between Page elements with JavaScript DOM
  • JavaScript DOM Interactive Game

JavaScript in action - use of pure JavaScript to create amazing interactive content on your web pages.

Source code included

Build your own version of the projects

Learn more about JavaScript and DOM page element manipulation.

No libraries, no shortcuts just learning JavaScript making it DYNAMIC and INTERACTIVE web application.

Step by step learning with all steps included.

Beginner JavaScript knowledge is required as the course covers only JavaScript relevant to the building of the game. Also HTML and CSS knowledge is essential as scope of this course is all JavaScript focused.

Start building and creating with JavaScript today!!!!

Your Instructor

Laurence Svekis
Laurence Svekis

Providing Smart digital solutions online since 2001. I am considered a true web technology expert. Having professional experience in a wide range of digital areas. Everything from Search Marketing, Video Marketing, Content creation, User Experience, application architecture, and web programming.

Understanding how users flow through the web and learning what drives users to interact online has been the cornerstone of what I do. The more seamless the process the better the user experience and the more likely they are to interact again and share their experiences.

After launching my first websites I quickly realized that to get traffic on your site you need to be able to market online. Research and using personal experimentation as to what are the most successful ways to effectively drive traffic to my websites, I was able to successfully build multiple success eCommerce sites. I used my expertise to provide Search Engine Marketing Services SEO to 100's of clients.

In the advent of Social Media in 2006, I had identified it as an excellent opportunity to drive traffic and connect with users. I created many successful sites that integrated with Myspace and then later into Facebook. I was able to monitize the traffic on several platforms, driving in some cases 10K+ clicks daily to the various platforms. I continued to perfect the art of Internet marketing and adapt to new technology and changes.

In 2008 I created my first YouTube video, and channel. Realizing that there was another great opportunity with video I have been experimenting with video marketing and video monization. Youtube being the second largest search engine has a very bright future. As technology progresses the trend has always been quicker, easier means of delivering content always wins out. Images beat out text as they are easier and quicker for us to process, videos beat out images being the most efficient means of getting content to users. As bandwidth increases, and more platforms that can even easier deliver videos become available videos will be the trend for the future.

Understanding technology provides a means to better connect with users.

Applications I've created have entertained, informed and engaged tens of millions of people. I have over billions of page views on various platforms, and have sent millions of click through visitors.

I have developed hundreds of web applications, from micro sites to enterprise level platforms.

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